Volcano vs Phantom Vaporizer

The Volcano is known as the best desktop vaporizer in the world. It’s been tested time and time again, but it’s also pretty expensive.

If you’re tired of reading the same desktop vaporizer reviews, you’ll be happy to know that the Phantom Vaporizer may hold an edge over the Volcano.


Pricing. This model looks just like the Volcano, but it’s cheaper. Does it work just as well? Let’s find out.

Inside the Phantom Vaporizer

On the outside, the Phantom is very similar to the Volcano. It has the same “UFO” shape, but it is a little different.


The valve requires you to hold it in place when filling the balloon with vapor. This is unlike the Volcano, whose valve attaches to the side of the device. Is this a big issue? Not at all. Since it only takes 1 – 3 minutes to start vaping, you won’t even notice the difference.


What I really like about this model is that there is an easy-to-read LED display. This is where you’ll be controlling all of your temperature settings. For those who have never vaped before, temperature is everything.

If the temp is too high, the vape will be strong and may even burn.

Alternatively, if the temp is too low, you won’t get the rich-tasting vape that you want. So, having temperature ranges is of the utmost importance.

The digital display allows you to change temperatures in an instant. There are temperatures:

  • As low as 100 degrees
  • As high as 400 degrees

I’ve never personally tried the 100 degree setting, and I’m really not sure what kind of vape such a low setting would provide. Most users will choose temperatures in the 300 – 350 degree range for a rich taste and a thick vape.

When it comes to heating up, you would expect this model to take a long time. But, you would be very wrong. Instead, the maximum temperature of 400 degrees can be reached within 2 – 3 minutes. This is the time it takes from being completely off to fully heated.

Attention. I want to make note of the actual display. You’ll be able to see the current internal temperature as this model heats up. I found this to be a little off with temperature readings often a little below what was displayed. If you want 310 degrees, I suggest boosting the temperature to 320. It’s not much of an issue, and there is really no way to test my theory that the temperature is off, but many users experienced the same issue. I suggest vaping a few times to find the right setting for your vaping style.

Noise Production

Noise with this desktop vaporizer is kept to a minimum. This is something that users will truly enjoy because some desktop models are really loud. The manufacturer of the Phantom Vaporizer designed a new pump that has a silencer built-in.

This allows the vape to be heated and fill the balloons in near silence.

I won’t lie and say that there is no noise production, but it is the lowest I have heard so far. It’s also very easy to use, unlike the Volcano, and uses the balloon-style vape that everyone loves.

You will need to buy clear balloon bags, but there is 5 included, which is an added bonus. There is also 1 easy valve, but I recommended getting a spare or two just in case the valve breaks.

Compatible Materials

What materials do you like best? Oil or dried herbs? In either case, this model can handle both.

You can put anything in it that you like. If you want a strong tobacco vape, choose an oil concentrate for the best results. If you want to use cannabis – legally – make sure the herb is as dry as possible before adding it.


Not much of a function or feature as it is a safeguard. The manufacturer includes a 3-year limited warranty. If this model breaks under regular usage, it will be covered under the warranty.

Technical Specs

  • 100 – 400 degree temperatures
  • 5 included balloons
  • 8 pound weight
  • 8” x 9.75” x 9.75” dimensions
  • 2 – 3 minute heat up time
  • Pump silencer
  • LCD digital display

Usage Basics

Simple and easy to use. First, you’ll want to make sure you have the right materials to fill the vaporizer with. This will be dried herb or oil concentrate as mentioned earlier. Once you have filled the vaporizer with the herb, you’ll want to attach the valve and turn the digital display to your desired temperature.

Using a clear balloon, you’ll be able to watch the vapor as it gathers inside of the balloon.

I like to wait until the vapor is very thick, but this is a personal preference.

Once the vapor is at an adequate thickness, you’ll detach the valve balloon from the device and start vaping independently. As far as I know, there is no safety shutoff on the Phantom, so make sure you turn it to off before leaving the room.

Cleaning is easy. There is no cleaning equipment provided, but you simply need to clean the herb chamber and screen. Since you’re using a balloon vaporizer, there are no dirty mouthpieces to clean or air holes that require special pipe cleaners to clean properly. This actually reduces the maintenance cost quite a bit, making this model even more affordable.

All in all, the Phantom dry herb vaporizer beat my expectations. In terms of vape quality, this model is on par with a used Volcano, which is what I was looking for. It’s also superior to the Extreme Q vaporizer that is around the same price as the Phantom.

While the actual design is a little less robust than the Volcano, in terms of the clip on the valve and the material the model is made with, you couldn’t ask for more from the Phantom Vaporizer. Nearly identical in looks and functionality, the Phantom is a low-cost alternative to the Volcano that comes at 1/3rd of the price.

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